Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

As one of the fastest-growing online pharmacies, Canada Medical Store is committed to building a healthy and trustworthy relationship with our valued customers. We believe in the importance of customer comfort and are committed to providing a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

We value the significance of connecting with our customers, and understand how crucial is their time and money. That is why we consistently offer special deals and discounts, aiming to provide an efficient online shopping experience and ensure on-time delivery for all your healthcare needs.

Our Guarantees

Money-Back Guarantee

In today’s world, money is a crucial factor that compels us to step out of our comfort zones and work hard to improve our lifestyles. While money can’t buy everything, it can certainly help with many things. To protect your hard-earned money, we offer a full refund if you are unsatisfied with your order or product. 

This common guarantee has become standard practice in retail, and our money-back guarantee aims to reduce perceived risk and help distinguish our products from competitors.

Although some customers may try to exploit this policy, we have a limited period for returns, usually 7 to 15 days. In some cases, this duration may be extended. This policy is also beneficial if you order a product from our online pharmacy and do not receive the appropriate delivery. 

You can easily utilize our return and refund policy if the delivery is incorrect, faulty, or not intended for you. Simply return the product within 15 days to claim your refund or exchange.

We do not have hidden terms and conditions regarding our refund and return services. However, to facilitate the process, please ensure that the product remains in its original packaging and claim is genuine. 

Quality Guarantee

Our quality guarantee is a bold statement of confidence. We offer a lifetime guarantee on products you purchase from our pharmacy. This guarantee ensures that our pharmaceutical items are safe and free from harmful side effects. While the money-back guarantee is one option, we also provide refills and replacements depending on the product. 

A quality guarantee reflects our absolute confidence in the durability and safety of our products. We do not take this lightly, and it showcases our commitment to your health and satisfaction.

Price Match Guarantee

Most websites claim to provide quality products at lower prices, increasing the chance of fake products. At Canada Medical Store, we deliver products at an affordable rate without compromising quality. We all know that price is a significant factor that attracts most customers and influences their purchasing decisions. 

Our policy helps buyers get the best product offers. The best part of our policy is that if you find a better deal anywhere else, we will match the price and refund the difference. We will match the difference in rate if you find the same drug at a lower price in print or on any retailer’s online site for up to 30 days.

However, there are some terms and conditions that apply to our price match guarantee:

  • The prices of products must be in US currency and will be adjusted to account for any charges, fees, and taxes, such as shipping and environmental handling fees.
  • The product must be located in the US and Canada and sold and shipped by an authorized dealer or retailer in the USA.
  • The price must not be lower due to misprinting or posting errors.
  • Items sold by our online pharmacy must be identical, including certification standards, size, color, brand, and model. They must also be in stock and available for delivery and sale.

This price match guarantee has some limitations. It is restricted to one per customer per item per day. It does not cover advertising that indicates limited quantities, close-outs, bankruptcies, and similar concepts, which can be excluded based on our internal policies. The same qualifications, conditions, limitations, and terms of the original offer will still apply.

Before making any final decision, we reserve the right to verify that all conditions have been satisfied. A price match will not be granted if any requirements are not confirmed. Our decision regarding the price match will be final in all circumstances.

Building Trust and Confidence

At Canada Medical Store, we understand that trust and confidence are critical in the healthcare industry. We work diligently to maintain transparency and integrity in all our dealings. Our medical team is always ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.

We thank you for choosing us among millions and trusting our services. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible products and services, ensuring your satisfaction and well-being. Keep shopping with confidence at Canada Medical Store, where your health and satisfaction are our top priorities.